BoHo Theatre at Theatre Wit         |     Fall 2015


  • Direction     Peter Marston Sullivan
  • Sets             Patrick Ham
  • Lighting       Nicole Malmquist
  • Costumes    Theresa Ham

Dogfight is a memory play about a guy meeting a girl in a unconventional way just before shipping out to Vietnam.  There are a lot of locations in and around San Francisco, and a significant variety of specific locations and ethereal memory things that we needed to make up a vocabulary to identify things as specifically as possible.  The set is an organic deconstruction of the Golden Gate Bridge with a massive rear-projection screen as a back wall.

Media was served from a MacBook Pro via Qlab to two projectors.  An Ultra-Short Throw projector that needed to be extremely close to the set due to space restrictions and a Short Throw projector that was mounted sideways because the projection surface is very vertical.  These are two pretty unique setups, but achieve an effective look throughout the play.