How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

Oakton Performing Arts Center     |     Spring 2013

  • Direction   Jason Fleece
  • Lighting     Matt Kooi
  • Costumes Elizabeth Wislar

This play was a gender-reversed production that used a Mies van der Rohe facade made of rear-projection screen so all the 'scenery' was virtual.  We were able to create a number of effects, including static and motion graphics to establish specific locations.  In addition, we could do a lot of great graphics for the musical numbers, which featured amazing dancing from Kelly Maryanski.  The surface also let us record a number of sequences - such as the bookends where characters fly in and out on a window washing cart - that would have otherwise been impossible to do without a fly.  

Projections were created in the Adobe suite, and served via Qlab to two short-throw BenQ projectors placed about 15' behind the screens.