Graveyard of Empires

16th Street Theatre, Berwyn   |     Spring 2015

  • Direction   Kevin Christopher Fox
  • Lighting     Matt Kooi
  • Costumes   Emily Waecker

This was a particularly challenging show because there was a heavy mix of specific locations and meta notions of what each scene should look like.  The production used front and rear projection along with a minimal set to create a variety of different looks.  The actors needed to interact with the environments in many different ways and we wanted to create this effect with practical lights and - of course - projections.  

We projected media from a Qlab server to two front projectors and a rear projector connected to what the production named a "magic screen."  This screen was standard rear-projection material with a scrim hung in front of it - obscuring the material until we projected onto it.  This was used for several crucial effects that are shown in the photos below.