Assassination Theater

Museum of Broadcast Communications, Chicago     |     Summer 2015

Set | Projections

  • Direction   Kevin Christopher Fox
  • Lighting     Matt Kooi
  • Costumes   Victoria Carot

Assassination Theater is a theatrical presentation of the events surrounding the Kennedy assassination in 1963.  It utilized more than 1100 media cues including video, images, and animations.  I designed both the set and the projections on three rear-projection screens in the museum's second floor Radio Hall of Fame - a unconventional space for theatrical performances.  The actors frequently refer to the images on the screens and more-often-than-not become many of the characters from the story of the events surrounding JFK's final days.  

Media was served from a Mac Pro via Qlab to three Ultra-Short Throw projectors that needed to be extremely close to the set due to space restrictions.  At it's biggest throw, one of the projectors is creating an image that is more than 12' wide from less than 42" away.  The media server needs to be broken down each night, so a rigorous system was created for full-proof media each performance.