Bridges of Madison County

Marriott Theatre, Lincolnshire IL  |     Summer 2017

Projection Design

  • Direction Nick Bowling

  • Set Design Jeff Kmeic

  • Lighting Jesse Klug

Bridges of Madison County used twelve projectors controlled with WatchOut 6 to project an image that was 350' x 9' in Marriott's in-the-round space.  We projected on reclaimed barn wood that ran behind the audience.  Images showed the rolling landscape of Iowa and suggested the quickly shifting locations through signage, and lighting changes.  This production was particularly challenging as it involved a 32 hour change-over.

"...set designer Jeffrey D. Kmiec and projection designer Anthony Churchill capture both the beautifully flat expanse of Iowa while also conveying Francesca's boxed-in feelings as a dissatisfied housewife."

        -Daily Herald

Photos by Anthony Churchill