The Body of An American

StageLeft Theatre at Theatre Wit         |     Summer 2016

Projections & Set

Jeff Award Winner for Projections - 2017

  • Direction Jason A Fleece

  • Lighting John Kohn III

  • Costumes Brenda Winstead

The Body of An American is an exciting true story about regretting the things we've done and haven't done.  The story is told by two actors who play dozens of roles around the globe, from Africa to Alaska and everywhere in between.  Projections are key to this play, because one of the main characters, Paul Watson, is a photographer and much of his original work was used in the show.    

For this piece, I collaborated as set designer and projections designer which gave me the freedom to create the surfaces I was projecting on.  We felt it was important to leave the set fairly simple - yet evocative - and so the projections did a lot of the work in showing locale.

Photos by Ian McLaren