Marriott Theatre, Lincolnshire IL   |    October 2018

Projection Design

  • Direction      Scott Weinstein

  • Lighting       Jesse Klug

  • Scenic          Kristen Martino

This Theatre for Young Audiences performance was produced on two different sets - Sweet Charity which used several arrays of LED panels over the stage, and Holiday Inn which used four panels as projection surfaces behind the audience. The challenge was creating media that could work in different formats and still help tell the story with content including characters from the show and several special effects such as dragon fire and flatulence which needed to interact with the performers.

The content all needed to live in a classic hand-animated world so many of the looks were drawn by hand, digitized, and enhanced before being used in the show. One sequence involved a hand-animated bird that sang to Fiona and eventually exploded.

“…and above are television screens with Video Designer Anthony Churchill’s projections of trees and other swamp plants that one might find. The screens in particular are an excellent addition, allowing the space to extend past the stage, and fully transform into the swamp from this magical fairytale. “ -Picture This Post