Scientific Method

Rivendell Theatre, Chicago IL   |    October 2018

Projection Design

  • Direction      Devon de Mayo

  • Lighting       Heather Sparling

  • Scenic          Lauren Nichols

This world premiere had a text with some of the most detailed descriptions of projections I’ve ever read. The piece used media to help audiences understand the science phtosin the show, and also the importance it had in each character’s work and life. This element was very challenging and rewarding as projections became a character in the show. As the show evolved in rehearsal, we added elements of social networking - visually similar to cancer and cell growth - to help tell the story of scientists coping with inequity in the lab and a deeply digital connected world.

We used three Ultra Short Throw laser projectors to really control every inch of the set so that the projections could grow - like cells - from places and people on the stage. Content was found, altered, and created in after effects and was as scientifically accurate as possible.

“Lauren Nichols’ cool austere set provides a neutral contrast for the growing emotional turmoil and a backdrop for Anthony Churchill’s projections of dividing cells. Later, as Amy reaches out to other former women assistants from Milliard’s lab, the walls fill with text messages and other private correspondence, suggesting the “whisper network” that women resort to when they feel shut out of official channels.” -Chicago Tribune

photos by Michael Brosilow